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We feel that your customers are also our customers
Interpest considers any pest unacceptable. We understand that one sighting of a pest by one of your customers, is one too many. 
We do our job, so you can do yours
Although we enjoy cooperation from our clients, our detailed service does not rely on the customer solving problems for us. We find the source of the pest, take it out, and let you know what we have done to earn and keep your business.
Innovative solutions
In this competitive market, we believe that you either move forward or backward. Insects and rodents can adapt to our materials and service, so we are not content to practice the same techniques over and over. An exciting aspect of Interpest is watching us implement new and effective products throughout the season.
Target Pests
Our individual pest programs are excellent. Entomologist designed, our programs deal with these pests so you don't have to. Even the pesky fruit fly is no match for our comprehensive program.

Interpest's Maxforce fly baiting device for exteriors

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