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Because the ones you can't see, can harm your reputation, more than the ones you can.


Our business is taking care of yours

At Interpest, we consider any pest unacceptable. Our program begins with gaining a thorough understanding of your facility. From there, we’re able to customize a service program that complements your quality initiatives. By combining our innovative programs with our expertise in pest management and food safety services, we’ve become a leader in our industry. During our complementary site and situation analysis, you’ll see how valuable our knowledge and expertise are to your business.

Interpests highly trained staff utilizes proven techniques that provide the best service in the industry. We have designed our programs to work in concert with each other, giving superior brand protection and the highest level of food safety possible.

The Interpest team can help you with an effective system that relies on our expertise, not on your phone calls. Let us show you how we do it.



Experts at what we do
Interpest's commercial and industrial focus protects sensitive accounts such as USDA and FDA regulated facilities, Hospitals, Hospitality and Food Service among others. We have expertise at creating programs that exceed outside audits such as AIB, Yum, Silliker, SQF, BRC, GSFI, Joint Commission, and State Health Departments. Our documentation package is excellent and even includes electronic information within the binder in the event that an important document is misplaced.
Our service protects your reputation and business interests, as well as your clients.

Contact us for detailed information or testimonials regarding programs for your properties.
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